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Spain to end gender stereotypes in toy advertising

November 30, 2022

The Spanish government wants the use of gender stereotypes for the advertising of toys a thing of the past. The code of conduct, which will be enacted from December 1, aims to avoid biases toward gender roles.

A Nancy doll exhibited in an exhibition in Madrid
Blue for boys and pink for girls is set to be banishedImage: Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto/picture alliance

As the Christmas season gathers pace, the Spanish government said Wednesday it was enacting a new ethics code in an attempt to deter toy manufacturers from using sexist stereotypes such as dolls for girls and action figures for boys in advertisements.

"The characterization of girls with sexual connotations will be prohibited and the exclusive association of toys with roles such as caring, domestic work or beauty with them (girls), and action, physical activity or technology with boys will be avoided," a government statement said.

Blue for boys and pink for girls frowned upon

The Spanish government, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, said among its priorities was to bring an end to the use of colors blue, for boys products, and pink for girls.

Wednesday's announcement comes after an agreement was put in place in April between the Consumer Affairs Ministry, toy manufacturers and publicity companies.

The code is an update on a similar action from 2005.

The regulation will go into effect as early as Thursday of this week and is directed at advertising geared toward children under 15. There is a special emphasis on commercials and publicity aimed toward children under the age of seven.

Sexism in Google Image Search

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