South Africa: Arrest warrant for Zuma associate Ajay Gupta | News | DW | 15.02.2018
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South Africa: Arrest warrant for Zuma associate Ajay Gupta

The Gupta brothers are accused of having corrupt links to ousted former South African president Jacob Zuma. The country's state prosecutor has declared Ajay Gupta a "fugitive from justice."

South African police on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for one of the three Gupta brothers, who are alleged to have corrupt links to ousted former president Jacob Zuma.

"We spoke to his lawyers yesterday and we informed them that there is a warrant of arrest that had been issued against Ajay Gupta," Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, a spokesman for the elite police unit the Hawks, told French news agency AFP.

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Gupta is wanted in connection with state corruption. The warrant comes one day after police conducted raids on various properties belonging to the brothers, which led to several arrests.

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Police raid Gupta home

Police said they have arrested eight people as part of an investigation into alleged corruption related to the family. The Guptas have denied the allegations.

Ajay Gupta is one of several people wanted byauthorities as part of the probe.

The country's chief prosecutor on Thursday declared Ajay Gupta a "fugitive from justice," after he didn't hand himself in to police.

law/kms (AP, AFP, Reuters)

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