Shamed German Athletics Coach Convicted of Doping Minors | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 20.03.2006
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Shamed German Athletics Coach Convicted of Doping Minors

Disgraced German athletics coach Thomas Springstein was handed a 16-month suspended jail sentence on Monday after a Magdeburg court found him guilty of giving performance-enhancing drugs to minors.


Springstein escaped jail after his 16-month sentence for doping youngsters was suspended

The 47-year-old Springstein, who must also complete 150 hours community service, has a week to appeal the ruling.

Back in September 2004, Springstein, a one-time coach for the German Athletics Association (DLV), had his house raided after female sprinter Anne-Kathrin Elbe claimed the coach offered her banned substances as a 17-year-old.

Illegal substances were then discovered at the house of the 47-year-old Springstein who was accused of supplying drugs to minors.

Die 4x400 Meter Staffel der Frauen holt Gold in München, Grit Breuer freut sich

Grit Breuer, Springstein's partner, was banned in 1992

He was also accused of giving injections to one of his female athletes to treat an injury despite not having a viable medical permit.

Springstein once coached some of Germany's finest athletes including the 800m Olympic champion from Sydney, Nils Schumann.

Schumann severed his ties with Springstein when the drug revelations came to light.

Brightest stars suspe n ded for steroid use

Springstein also coached East German track stars Katrin Krabbe and Grit Breuer who were both suspended for two years for using the banned steroid clenbuterol in 1992.

Krabbe won the 100m and 200m world titles in 1991 while Breuer, who is Springstein's partner, won the 1990 European title at 400 meters.

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