Several dead after gunman fires into concert crowd in Austria | News | DW | 22.05.2016
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Several dead after gunman fires into concert crowd in Austria

Three people have died and 11 others have been injured after a shooter opened fire at a concert in Austria. Police have said the man got into an argument with a woman prior to the shooting.

An open-air concert in Austria ended tragically when a man fired shots into a crowd of 150 people, police reported on Sunday.

The 27-year old shooter killed two people and wounded 11 others before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

After reportedly having a loud argument with a woman in a nearby parking lot, the man fetched a gun from his car, went back to the concert venue and began shooting seemingly at random.

Serious injuries reported

The woman who had been involved in the argument was not injured during the attack, police said. The man used a rifle, but it was not certain how many shots had been fired.

"The exact course of events is unclear," a police spokeswoman said.

She added that authorities did not immediately have exact information on the condition of those wounded, but said that they were taken to hospitals in the region.

Rescue workers quoted by local media said that some of the victims were in serious condition.

The incident occurred near Nenzing, a town in Austria's westernmost province. The event, where police say alcohol was consumed, was hosted by a motorcycle club .

rs/tj (AP, AFP, dpa)

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