Schumacher Commits to Ferrari Future | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.04.2005
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Schumacher Commits to Ferrari Future

Michael Schumacher has brushed aside rumors of a possible split with Ferrari and reaffirmed his long-term commitment to the team ahead of this weekend's San Marino Grand Prix where he hopes to relaunch his title defense. Germany's six-time world champion has become an integral part of Ferrari having won the last five drivers' titles with the Italians, but they have struggled to stay on the pace of championship leaders Renault this year. However, Ferrari have tested, Mugello, Fiorano and Monza in Barcelona the last three weeks in a bid to solve their early problems and Schumacher insists he is not about to turn his back on the team just yet. Asked if he will stay at Ferrari to the end of his career, Schumacher said: "Yes. I think it is very obvious why I want to do this. It is much more than comfort. It goes beyond many things. There are a lot of good people around."

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