Schumacher Retires From Bahrain Race | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 04.04.2005
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Schumacher Retires From Bahrain Race

German racer Michael Schumacher's poor start to the Formula One season continued on Sunday when the seven-time champion retired from the Bahrain Grand Prix. He failed to add to his points tally during the race, retiring on lap 12 with a hydraulics problem. Ferrari had rushed their new F2005 car into service in Bahrain, two races ahead of schedule -- a decision Schumacher defended as the correct one. "To bring the new car here was a fantastic effort," he said. "Seeing the car racing, it was very competitive and from now on, I think we will be very competitive." Until the 12th lap, Schumacher had been performing well against eventual race winner, Renault driver Fernando Alonso. But then, his brakes appeared to lock up as he approached a corner. Schumacher drove into a run-off area, then returned to the track, ending up in the garage.

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