Schultüte | Word of the Week | DW | 10.09.2013
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Word of the Week


Sugar always ensures a smooth start.

Two first-grade boys with colorfully decorated cones, Copyright: DW

Two first-grade boys with colorfully decorated cones, Copyright: DW

For many across Germany, September means back to school. While parents may be celebrating, kids don't usually cheer about that - except, perhaps, the lucky first-graders who receive a Schultüte to mark their debut in the German education system.

What literally means "school bag" is not intended for carrying notebooks and pens all year, however. Rather it's a one-off giant, colorful cone traditionally filled with candy. To avoid completely sugar shock and in a nod to frazzled teachers, the occasional practical school supply like erasers or rulers may also be thrown in for good measure.

Reserved for first-graders only, a well-proportioned Schultüte easily reaches the height of a child's chin. In today's era of convenience, they're usually purchased at a department store or stationary shop - much to the chagrin of traditionalists. After all, a homemade version isn't difficult to make. All you need is sturdy cardboard and a spool of colorful ribbon.

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