Saving Russia′s precious forests | Global Ideas | DW | 08.04.2013

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Global Ideas

Saving Russia's precious forests

The Bikin River Valley, home to Russia’s last remaining virgin coniferous forests, is under threat. With the help of the local population, efforts are underway to preserve the green cover.

Protecting the Bikin River Valley

Project goal: Protecting forests and preserving them as carbon storage sinks

Project size: 460,000 hectares of forest in the Bikin River Valley in Russia’s far east

Investment: 2.5 million Euros

Carbon savings: 176.53 million tons

The Bikin River Valley in far eastern Russia is home to several endangered species. The sprawling coniferous forests also store huge amounts of carbon dioxide, making them a vital parts of efforts to protect the climate. But the green cover is increasingly threatened by deforestation. The indigenous population is hoping to halt the destruction and has leased the valley together with environmental groups. They’re being supported by international climate protection initiatives.

A film by Mareike Aden


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