Sascha Lobo, Author, Blogger, Web Expert | guest list | DW | 01.03.2015
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guest list

Sascha Lobo, Author, Blogger, Web Expert

Sascha Lobo is a kind of classroom spokesman for the German blogosphere.

The 37-year-old author of books, lecturer and columnist is a popular commentator on the consequences of the Internet for broader society. On Talking Germany he talks about his vision for the future of the Net.

Sascha Lobo was born in Berlin to a German mother and Argentian father. He is now 37, and is still studying social and business communications at the Berlin University of the Arts. In 2000 he founded an advertising agency specializing in web-based firms. His company was, however, among those to go broke after the bubble burst. Since then he has re-emerged as a freelance journalist and copywriter. He is also co-founder of the Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, anetwork of like-minded individuals that publishes a variety of books on the subject of the Internet. Lobo also co-founded the award-winning blog Riesenmaschine, and has one of the biggest Twitter followings in Germany. His activities also include online consulting services for the Social Democratic party.

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