Sam Baker | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 30.10.2020

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Sam Baker

Multimedia journalist and radio presenter/producer at Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany.

Sam has worked at Deutsche Welle since 2018, primarily covering science and environment topics. Having previously worked for a marine conservation organization in Alaska, Sam decided to switch from nonprofit work into journalism in 2017, getting her masters in International Journalism from City University of London.

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Sam is passionate about exploring viable solutions to our biggest environmental issues, including (but not limited to) climate change and ocean acidification, consumption and waste, and the conservation of species.

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Living Planet & Africalink: Africa's changing climate

Since 2019, she's been producing and presenting Living Planet, DW's weekly environment radio program and podcast. She also occasionally produces and fills in as a presenter on DW's science podcast Science Unscripted, and writes online articles and creates social media content.

Find out more at her personal website and find her on Twitter under @srmBAKER.

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