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The Wall 2015 Pink Floyd
Image: Picturehouse Entertainment

The Pink Floyd story on film

Nikolas Fischer / jgt
September 29, 2015

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" remains the bestselling double album of all time. A new documentary, "Roger Waters The Wall," charts the story of the landmark recording and that of its key creator.


When Roger Waters toured "The Wall" between 2010-2013 it played to over four million fans - the largest solo tour of all time. The historic event was captured by a camera crew, who trailed Waters for several years. Directed by Roger Waters himself, "Roger Waters The Wall" explores the autobiographical connection between the iconic recording and Waters' own life story - including the tragic death of his father.

On Tuesday (29.09.2015), the film will be shown in cinemas worldwide for one night only.

The concept album was released on November 30, 1979, and explores the loneliness of a rock singer named Pink - struggling to deal with tragedy in his life.

"The Wall" would signal the beginning of the end for Pink Floyd, with Richard Wright first quitting, then Waters himself leaving the band he first formed in 1965. Guitarist David Gilmour then took over the reigns as the band's leader. However, rights to "The Wall" remained with its chief conceptual architect, Waters.

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