Rick J. Jordan to give final show with Scooter | Music | DW | 24.01.2014
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Rick J. Jordan to give final show with Scooter

German techno veterans Scooter are rounding out an anniversary tour after 20 years of performing together. The Hamburg concert will be sound engineer Rick J. Jordan's final performance with the band, he says.

Techno Band Scooter (c) picture-alliance/dpa

Rick J. Jordan (right) will leave the three-piece techno group after their Hamburg farewell concert

Sound engineer Rick J. Jordan, one of Scooter's three core members, has announced that a concert Friday (24.01.2014) in Hamburg will be his last with Germany's top-selling dance and techno outfit. Friday's concert sees Scooter return to Hamburg, the city in which the band formed two decades ago, for the final stop on their "20 Years of Hardcore" anniversary tour. Beginning with the European smash "Hyper Hyper" in 1994, Jordan has helped craft the relentless beats that have become Scooter's trademark and led the group to sell over 30 million copies of their recordings worldwide.

"It's been an incredible career, but I'm looking forward to new things now," said Jordan ahead of the concert on Friday in Hamburg, adding, "I think this is a good stopping point - better this way than if none of us ends up happy, and we let the whole thing just fizzle out."

Jordan is parting ways amicably with the band. In a statement on Scooter's website, frontman H.P. Baxxter said he has cherished his long-term collaboration with Jordan "that has lasted longer than most marriages." The band's outgoing sound engineer says he wants to focus more time on his family, including six-year-old daughter Keira, but that he plans to continue making electronic music as a solo artist.

gsw/ (dpa)

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