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Report: German Police Worried About Possible Hezbollah Attacks

DPA news agency (win)
August 9, 2008

German federal police officials (BKA) have warned in a secret report that the Lebanese-based Hezbollah movement has the capacity to undertake damaging attacks in Germany, the news magazine Focus reported Saturday.

A veiled man with ar rifle next to a map of Germany with a target on it
The BKA is worried Hezbollah might attack German targetsImage: Montage DW/AP

The militia had the logistics "to carry out wide-scale attacks on physical and human targets," the weekly said in a report released ahead of publication.

The BKA is reported to number Hezbollah supporters in Germany at around 900.

Focus pointed to the case of a 29-year-old medical student at Germany's Goettingen University, who was detained in Israel last month.

It reported the man was suspected of making contact with Hezbollah supporters in Germany and of having received $20,000 (13,333 euros) for espionage work.

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