Remembering Glenn Frey, from ′California to ′Hell′ | Music | DW | 19.01.2016
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Remembering Glenn Frey, from 'California to 'Hell'

From "Hotel California" to "Hell Freezes Over" and his solo career, here's a quick look back at Glenn Frey's career and a playlist of memorable music. The co-founder of The Eagles passed away in New York at age 67.

Singer and songwriter Glenn Frey died on Monday (18.01.2016) in New York at the age of 67.

Frey joined forces with Don Henley in 1971 to create The Eagles, the best-selling American group of all time. Known for their unique mix of rock, pop and country, the Eagles created numerous Billboard hits, including the infamous "Hotel California," which sold more than 20 million copies after its release in 1976.

Although the band broke up rather unceremoniously in 1980, a reunion tour from 1994-1996 saw them hit the heights of fame again, with sold-out shows around the world and over six million albums of their live show sold.

Frey's death in New York on Monday at the age of 67 put a stop to a highly successful career, one that fans the world over are mourning. For more about what made Frey such a big name in the rock world and see photos of him live in concert click through the picture gallery above.

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