Reducing the carbon footprint of houses | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 05.11.2021

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Reducing the carbon footprint of houses

In Germany, nearly 40% of national greenhouse gas emissions are caused by buildings. The housing and construction sector will need to change dramatically if there is to be any hope of achieving climate neutrality by 2045. But where to start? Listen in to find out more about passive houses, sustainable construction materials and the carbon footprint of building a family home from scratch.

Listen to audio 33:24

Interviewees featured in this episode:

Sabine Engels & Arnd Houben - owners of a "passive house" in Germany

Dr. Anna Braune, Director Research and Development at German Sustainable Building Council

Irina Brehme, Project Manager at myclimate Deutschland gGmbH

Michele Barbato, Professor of Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics at University of California

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