Red lingerie and lucky fish: New Year′s Eve traditions in Europe | Lifestyle | DW | 30.12.2019
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Red lingerie and lucky fish: New Year's Eve traditions in Europe

Europeans celebrate a wide variety of New Year's Eve traditions. From Scotland to Turkey, here are the most remarkable customs to ring in the New Year.

Hop off a chair, stuff yourself with grapes, open water faucets — over the centuries, Europeans have been creative in thinking up New Year's Eve customs that are still gleefully celebrated today.

These traditions are all based on superstition; New Year's Eve is about rituals, lucky charms, special foods and — almost everywhere — noisy fireworks.

Even before the medieval era, loud noise, including the banging about of pots and pans, was meant to drive away evil spirits. Ringing church bells and firing canons were added at a later date. Today, fireworks to ring in the New Year are popular all over the world.

Whether red lingerie can really help the wearer win the lottery is questionable — but people all over Europe enjoy participating in the old traditions all the same. Click through the above gallery to see what other customs people across Europe are celebrating this New Year's Eve!

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