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Puerto Rico after the storm

October 21, 2017

Hurricane Maria destroyed the Puerto Rican village of Salinas. Local residents are being housed in a school building. Most people have no electricity, water, or working telephone line. The mayor and the survivors are trying to rebuild the village.


The village of Salinas in Puerto Rico was famous for its beaches and restaurants. It was popular with tourists — until Hurricane Maria left the village devastated. A number of people were killed; 90 percent of the population of Puerto Rico still have no electricity, and about half don't have running water. In Salinas, residents who've lost their homes are being housed in a school. It's not clear how long they'll have to stay there. The local phone network and the infrastructure are heavily damaged, so it's taken aid supplies a long time to reach the area. Reporter Carolina Chimoy traveled to Salinas to meet the mayor and local residents who are trying to rebuild their village.

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