Preview: paving the way to plastic roads | eco@africa | DW | 06.05.2016
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Preview: paving the way to plastic roads

Ours has become a plastic planet. It is going to take some ingenious ideas to dig us out of our own mess. This week on eco@africa, we meet a man in Gabon who had grand plans to make roads from plastic bottles.

This week on eco@africa, we look at the problems of household waste. If uncollected, it piles ever higher, leading to pollution and the spread of disease. Such is the situation in parts of Africa, where the infrastructures in place simply can't cope with the dimensions of the trash created by a growing population.

The problem was too much for Firmin Makaya , who took matters into his own hands in his native Gabon. He set up a small company that collects and, where possible, recycles household trash. We meet him and hear of his plans for a greener future.

We also go to Nigeria where a new green police force has been founded to tackle widespread illegal logging, to South Africa where vultures have become victims of their own mystery. Hunted for use in traditional medicine, they are now threatend with extinction.

In Europe, we put the disco into soup in a bid to slow food waste, meet some environmentalists who have taken forest protection to dizzying heights, and sample some purpose-grown furniture. Curious? Of course you are. Tune in to eco@africa to find out more.

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