Potsdam palace reopens its majestic Grotto Hall | Arts | DW | 21.07.2015
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Potsdam palace reopens its majestic Grotto Hall

The New Palace: It's the most impressive palace ensemble in Potsdam, boasting rich interiors. It now reveals its newly restored festival room to the public.

The majestic Grotto Hall in the New Palace in Sanssouci Park reopens to visitors on Wednesday (22.07.2015).

This exceptional hall showcases majestic paintings, chandeliers, statues and fountains. Its marble walls were encrusted with over 24,000 shells, semi-precious stones, and fossils.

The New Palace was erected from 1763 until 1769 to illustrate the power of King Friedrick the Great after the end of the Seven Year's War. It is considered the last great Prussian baroque palace.

The nearly 250-year-old Grotto Hall was completely restored as its 600-ton marble structure was endangered by decaying beams. Further restoration of the Potsdam World Heritage palace is also planned in the future.

Altogether, around 26 million euros will be invested in the New Palace over 10 years.

eg/ kbm (dpa, www.spsg.de)

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