Portugal: The Youth′s Anthem | European Journal | DW | 14.04.2011
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European Journal

Portugal: The Youth's Anthem

It's a catchy tune but the lyrics are nothing to laugh or smile about. A new song is proving hugely popular in Portugal, having hit a chord with the country's younger generation.

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The band "Deolinda" with their song "Parva que sou" have summed up the feelings of thousands of young people in Portugal. "What a fool I am. Things are bad for us and it's not going to change. I'll be lucky if I'm able to do an internship," the lyrics go. 300,000 young people in the country are without work and have little hope that things will change any time soon. The country's economy is in freefall. Portugal's debt was recently hit by a series of downgrades by credit-rating agencies, forcing it to go cap-in-hand to Brussels.