PopXport-Quiz: Who made the original of ″Ist Da Jemand″? | PopXport - The German Music Magazine | DW | 19.05.2017
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PopXport-Quiz: Who made the original of "Ist Da Jemand"?

Take part in our quiz, and you could win great CDs. We play a cover version of a German hit, and you tell us who did the original.

 Who did the original of "Ist da jemand?" Was it: 

Andreas Bourani

Cassandra Steen

Adel Tawil

We're giving away CDs by Giant Rooks, Judith Holofernes, Rammstein, and Marteria.

The winner of the "Book of Love"-quiz is Farhana Naser from Mississauga in Canada. Congratulations!

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