Pope Francis and the Vatican Revolution | DocFilm | DW | 06.06.2016
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Pope Francis and the Vatican Revolution

Pope Francis is a political pontiff, taking an active role in social issues and promising reforms in the Vatican. Will Pope Francis manage to restore credibility to a church that has been rocked by scandals?

Since his inauguration in March 2013 Pope Francis has surprised many with his spontaneity, and his words and gestures. He prefers to do without the traditional pomp and lavish finery, while at the same time tending to the poor and promising reforms to the Vatican. The word “mercy” has been at the heart of his speeches and sermons from the day he took office. On essential issues such as family and sexuality, this pope sometimes seems to value compassion higher than Catholic dogma.

02.06.2016 DW Doku Papst Franziskus 01

Six million people attended the Pope’s mass in the Philippines in January 2015 – the biggest in history

Prophet or revolutionary?

People across the world – Christian and non-Christian, rich and poor – have been won over by Pope Francis’ words and gestures. His popularity alone, however, will not translate into permanent renewal of his church. Francis’ reform ideas have met with skepticism from senior cardinals. Will the first Pope to hail from outside Europe be able to overcome resistance to his plans?

This documentary presents a multifaceted portrait of a pontiff who is using his global authority to give hope to disadvantaged people everywhere.

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