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Pop Culture Goes Global

May 28, 2021

From Afrofuturism to Mexican muralism and Turkish TV shows: how regional pop culture phenomena have spread around the globe.

Psy Gangnam Style
Image: Reuters

Around the world in pop culture

The days when pop culture all over the world was defined by Hollywood and the Billboard charts are over – today’s mass culture is far more diverse. From Bollywood to K-pop, today’s pop culture reflects our globalized world.


Türkei Dreharbeiten der Fernsehserie Payitaht Abdülhamid
Image: TRT

Dizi – Turkey’s hit TV shows

Known as "dizi", Turkish TV series are breaking ratings records all over the world - from Pakistan to Chile. Arts.21 talks to actors, producers and fans to find out what makes them so successful.


Gikosh | Group
Image: Osborne Macharia

Black to the future

The aesthetics of Afrofuturism explore and celebrate African identity in film, art, comics and music – from Hollywood to Nairobi.



Streetart l Strong like a madre
Image: LAPIZTOLA (2021)

From Mexican muralism to street art

The Mexican muralism movement emerged in the 1920s and continues to inspire political street artists around the world today. Arts.21 retraces the steps of great painters like Diego Rivera.



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