Planet Blog: Expats blogging from abroad | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 20.08.2009

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Planet Blog: Expats blogging from abroad

One of the very first uses for blogs was for people to write down their personal thoughts and share them with anyone in the world. The results can be especially interesting when the blogger writes from a foreign country.

A woman pulling a suitcase

Blogs written from abroad can provide an interesting look at other cultures

Personal communication has always been a driving factor in explaining why people turn to blogs and social media. Weblogs, podcasts and online social networks have become some of the most convenient ways for people to always stay in touch.

The details of what people ate for lunch, or the new tricks their dog is doing can hardly be called high-brow literature; the social and culture differences people notice when they live in a different country make for more interesting reading.

Cathy Dobson, a British blogger who writes about her life's adventures - and misadventures- in a different country on her blog "Planet Germany," explained what she thinks makes an expat blog interesting.

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