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Peshawar children return to school

January 12, 2015

A school in Peshawar which in December was the scene of a violent terrorist attack has reopened. Scores were killed by Taliban gunmen when the Islamist group stormed the building.

Reporter besuchen die Schule in Peschawar 17.12.2014
Image: AFP/Getty Images/A Majeed

Children and their parents on Monday returned to the Peshawar school (pictured above in the attack aftermath) where terrorists massacred 150 students and teachers on December 16.

134 children were killed in the attack.

At least 20 soldiers were seen at the main entry to the Army Public School in the northwestern Pakistan city. An airport-style security gate had been installed at the front of the building.

Pakistan has been reeling from the terrorist attack, which was one of the worst in the country.

The killings were carried out by seven Taliban militants prompting officials to tighten security at schools nationwide.

One of the many parents directly affected by the attack was Abid Ali Shah. His wife was a teacher at the school and died in the assault.

Angriff auf die Schule in Peschawar 16.12.2014
Surviving schoolchildren were rescued from the scene by Pakistani soldiersImage: AFP/Getty Images/A Majeed

Both of his sons were also caught up in the violence. The youngest was shot in the head, but survived after militants thought he was dead.

"A hollowness in my life is getting greater. I am missing my wife," Shah told the Associated Press.

The chief of Pakistan's army, Gen. Raheel Sharif, greeted students as they arrived at the school, a military spokesman said on Twitter:

A ceremony was expected to be held at the school, but classes were not expected to start until later this week.

lw/bw (AP, AFP)