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Peru's ex-President Toledo extradited from US to Lima

April 23, 2023

The 77-year-old will face trial for corruption and money laundering. He will spend time in jail alongside fellow ex-Presidents Pedro Castillo and Alberto Fujimori as he awaits his day in court.

Peru's former president, Alejandro Toledo (center), accompanied by police as he arrives in Lima from the United States
Toledo is one of many politicians caught up in the massive 'Car Wash' scandalImage: Peru's National Police/AP/picture alliance

Peru's former president, Alejandro Toledo, arrived in Lima on Sunday after being extradited from the United States. He was accompanied by Interpol agents and later taken to a prison where he is to serve 18 months of pre-trial detention.

The 77-year-old was Peru's president from 2001 to 2006, and is accused of corruption and money laundering in connection with tens of millions of dollars in suspected bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht in exchange for lucrative public works contracts.

Operation 'Car Wash'

The alleged crimes were uncovered during investigations into the sprawling "Car Wash" corruption scandal.

Toledo has denied any wrongdoing. But prosecutors have said they have witnesses who can prove he did do something wrong, and are seeking a 20-year sentence.

Lawyers representing Toledo cited health concerns and said they would be requesting he be put under house arrest rather than serve his pre-trial detention in prison.

Fellow ex-Presidents Pedro Castillo (2021-22) and Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) are also currently being held in the same facility.

js/jsi (AFP, Reuters)

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