Passing of a Pope | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 04.04.2005

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Passing of a Pope

Catholics around the world are mourning John Paul II's death after almost 27 years as their leader. Read about the pope's passing and the search for his successor in this DW-WORLD dossier.

Reaching out to John Paul II

Reaching out to John Paul II

Millions of pilgrims and world leaders are descending on Rome to pay their last respects to the late pope.

While his papacy was not without controversy, cardinals have praised him as "John Paul the Great" and there is already talk of his beatification, the first step towards sainthood.

While Vatican officials prepare to bury the last pontiff, the search for the new one is getting started: Cardinals will meet on April 18 to begin the election process.

Read about John Paul II's passing and the Catholic Church's future in this DW-WORLD dossier.

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