Paris fire suspect released from psychiatric care days earlier | News | DW | 07.02.2019
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Paris fire suspect released from psychiatric care days earlier

Prosecutors say the woman detained over a deadly apartment fire in Paris had been released from psychiatric care a week before the incident. The incident remains under criminal investigation.

Prosecutors have revealed that the woman suspected of lighting a deadly apartment building fire in Paris on Tuesday recently spent 12 days in psychiatric care.

The suspect, a resident of the building, had been released from her stay at Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital on January 30. She had previously been hospitalized at least 13 times for mental health issues. She has denied being behind the fire.

Prosecutor Remy Heitz also said the woman had no police record but had been involved in three judicial procedures before, including for setting fire to a clothes store.

According to police, she was "intoxicated" and was "attempting to set fire to a car" when she was arrested close to the burning building on Rue Erlanger. 

The blaze killed 10 people and injured almost 100 others — firemen included.

Residents fled to the roof of the nine-story building and across balconies to try to escape.

A criminal investigation into the incident is ongoing.

nn/ng (AP, AFP)

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Arson suspected in Paris apartment building fire

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