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Overfishing and Pollution: Threats to Gambia’s Blue Economy

April 26, 2024

These days, fisherfolk in Sanyang, a coastal community in The Gambia, have to compete with large trawlers.

Eco India Africa 26.04.2024 / Gambia Fishing
Image: DW

Industrial pollution from a local factory producing fishmeal that's exported to China poses a further threat to their livelihoods.


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Joining forces to protect Guinea's Tristao Islands

The Tristao Islands of northern Guinea are a treasure trove of biodiversity and also support rice fields. But rising sea levels threaten the Marine Protected Area. We visit the archipelago to see how conservation efforts are making a real difference.


Tunisia’s olive farmers adapt to extreme weather

Drought has had a severe impact on the olive harvest in Tunisia, resulting in exploding olive oil prices. Farmers are finding ways to adapt to extreme weather, such as switching to new irrigation techniques and organic farming methods.

Eco India Africa 26.04.2024 / Tunisia Olives
Olive Harvest in TunisiaImage: DW

Ghana’s Eco Hospital helps patients heal

The Eco Hospital in Wa in northwestern Ghana uses the healing power of nature to treat the patients. They get to spend time outdoors, play with the hospital pet animals, and help harvest fresh produce in the kitchen garden.


The Maasai wielding a camera to protect wildlife

Ambrose Letoluai is a goatherder and a talented photographer. With his striking portraits of the many animals that live here, the Maasai researcher hopes to raise awareness of species that are vulnerable or endangered.



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