Oven-baked grouper | Lifestyle | DW | 30.11.2018
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Oven-baked grouper

Lisbon‘s Nunes Real Marisqueira restaurant is thought to be one of the best fish restaurants in Portugal. Head chef Manuel Costa specializes in traditional dishes such as "Garoupa no forno".

Grouper In The Oven

Ingredients of a portion of a person:
- 300g of Grouper
- 2 Units of White Potato
- 1 Small fresh pepper
- 100g Fresh Mushrooms (Champignons)
- 1 Small onion
- 20cl White Wine Reserve
- 20cl of Water;
- 20cl Fresh Cream;
- 5cl Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
- 30 g Parsley
- 30 mcl Tomato Sauce

First step:
Stir fry an onion with olive oil, adding the grouper, at the end seasoning with the white wine.
Second step:
Add the fresh tomato sauce and the previously fried potato (the  potato  cut into cubes of approximately 3cm x 3cm).
Third step:
Simmer for 5 minutes and then bring it to the oven. Add the fresh mushrooms and the pepper in small pieces. Let it cook for 15 minutes on the oven at 220º.
Fourth step:
Finally dusts with a parsley and is ready to serve, Enjoy!

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