Our top ten for the Oscars | Film | DW | 26.02.2016
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Our top ten for the Oscars

Hollywood is buzzing with excitement. That's because the Oscars will be handed out Sunday evening. "The Revenant" seems to be a favorite, but favorites don't always win the golden trophy.

If the Oscars were awarded according to who was mentioned most in the media, there would be a clear winner: Leonardo DiCaprio. Hardly any other actor has been talked about as much with regard to these awards. Nominated four times in the past, he hasn't been able to take the golden trophy home - yet. Many are saying that now it's his turn.

12 nominations for "The Revenant"

Much of the media coverage has been about the category "Best Actor," even though the movie "The Revenant" has an extraordinary total of 12 nominations, a rare distinction. Winning in them is not a foregone conclusion, however. The revenge story by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu could also go home empty handed on Sunday evening. That has happened in the past: a big favorite, dethroned by outsiders.

If Iñárritu were to receive an Oscar for category of best film or even for best director on Sunday, that would be probably be an even bigger surprise than DiCaprio missing the top prize again. The Mexican director has already won four of the sought-after trophies for his film "Birdman." Oscar triumphs in two consecutive years would really be a sensation.

Full of surprises

As every year, the 88th Academy Awards is full of speculation beforehand. The Oscars has surprised the world many times.

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