Our guest on 05.09.2010 Kathrin Schmidt, Author | guest list | DW | 06.12.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 05.09.2010 Kathrin Schmidt, Author

Talking Germany host Peter Craven talks to Kathrin Schmidt about life as an artist, children and crises.


Kathrin Schmidt is currently at the Villa Massimo but the Berlin author hasn’t found time to start working on her new novel since moving to Rome. She has been given too many other projects to work on since winning the 2009 German Book Prize. Kathrin Schmidt won the prize worth 25 thousand euros for her novel ”You’re not going to die”. The book tells of a woman who suffers a stroke. Schmidt suffered from the same fate in 2002. Born in Gotha in the former East Germany in 1958 she studied psychology and wrote poems. The mother of five moved to East Berlin in the 1980‘s where she worked as a children’s psychologist. She played an important role in the discussions during the transitional period before and after the fall of the wall and is now a freelance author.

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