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Not Every Stallion Is A Stud

DW staff (als)
March 22, 2006

Many men have gained a new lease on life with the potency drug Viagra. But Viagra for horses? No, folks, it's not a bit of spam that has appeared in e-mail boxes: it's real-life sex help for a horse.

Horsing around for one equine got easier after a bit of ViagraImage: AP

A court in the small Eastern German town of Neuruppin ordered Viagra to be given to a stallion after his new owner claimed the horse was impotent and refused to pay the full asking price for the animal.

The buyer of the horse called "Vedor" paid just a tenth of the price of over 4,000 euros ($4,900), claiming the animal had only one testicle and had failed to get friendly with a female pony.

After examining the horse closely, a veterinarian discovered the testicle, said Egbert Simons, a spokesman for the Neuruppin court.

And, lo and behold: once the stallion was given the potency drug Viagra, he was up and raring to go. It soon became evident that the horse was fully functional, the spokesman added.

The court then ordered the buyer of "Vedor" to pay the full price.