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Norway's King Harald V hospitalized with infection

May 8, 2023

The 86-year-old King of Norway is in a "stable" condition after he was hospitalized, the palace said. He had been hospitalized multiple times in recent months and had been seen using crutches.

King Harald V in December, 2022
King Harald V has been hospitalized multiple times in recent monthsImage: Sergei Gapon/AFP

Norway's King Harald V has been admitted to hospital, the palace announced on Monday.

"The king has been diagnosed with an infection that needs to be treated, and will therefore remain in hospital for a few days," the palace said.

The palace said that the 86-year-old monarch was in a "stable" condition and was being treated at the Rikshospitalet in Oslo. No further information was disclosed.

The king was due to attend an event in Oslo on Monday to commemorate Germany's capitulation in World War II, but he was instead represented by his son and the heir to the throne, Crown Prince Haakon, who has taken on some of his father's duties in recent years.

"Apart from today, there is no change to his program, at least for the time being," a palace spokesperson told the AFP news agency.

Recent health issues

Harald has been hospitalized several times in recent months and has been seen using crutches.

In December, he was treated for an infection with intravenous antibiotics, while he was also hospitalized for three days in August with a fever.

Harald previously underwent surgery in 2003 for bladder cancer, and again in 2005 for heart valve problems.

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