Norway: Unwelcome Extremist | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 25.03.2015
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Focus on Europe

Norway: Unwelcome Extremist

In Norway, an Iraqi Islamist is keeping the entire country on tenterhooks. The man, who calls himself Mullah Krekar, was granted asylum in Norway in 1991, but in the meantime has been held responsible for terrorist attacks by an Islamist group in northern Iraq. Now he's about to be confined to a small village in northern Norway.

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Krekar has been facing deportation for ten years because he is seen as a danger to Norwegian national security, but according to international law he cannot be sent to Iraq because he would be subject to torture and possibly the death penalty there. The Norwegian government is sending him to the isolated village of Kyrksaeteroera, on a fjord southwest of Trondheim, where he will remain until a deportation order can be enforced. But the village residents - neither the Norwegians, nor the 200 well-integrated asylum seekers already there -- are enthusiastic.