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Nigeria Election 2023: What do young Nigerians care about?

February 16, 2023

Nigerians will head to the polls on February 25 to decide their next president and both houses of parliament. Only one thing is certain: The new government will inherit a truck-load of problems.

DW The 77 Percent | Beitrag Nigeria election 2023
Image: Flourish Chukwurah/DW

We ask young Nigerians about the state of their country’s economy, insecurity and their hopes for change.


DW The 77 Percent | Beitrag Getting Young Nigerians to vote
Image: Olisa Chukwumah/DW

Getting Young Nigerians to vote

Chukwumalobi Uche is 29 years-old and has never voted. But as Nigeria ― Africa's most populous country ― gets ready to head to the polls on February 25, he has made it his goal to not just cast his vote but mobilize others to do the same. While voter apathy was a concern in past elections, that might not hold true this time around.



Standbild DW Webvideo The 77 Percent | Street Debate: Nigeria elections
Image: DW

Street Debate: What do young Nigerian expect from their leaders?

Nigeria is gearing up for a pivotal election: Not only is incumbent President Buhari stepping aside, but this election also comes on the back of the #EndSARS protests, which saw thousands of young people take to the streets against police brutality. In our latest Street Debate, Flourish Chukwurah speaks to young Nigerians to find out what they expect from their next leaders.



Screenshot 77 Percent Fake News
Image: Bouba Jalloh /DW

The Flipside: Debunking fake news ahead of Nigeria's election

When it comes to news, how do you know what's real and what's fake? With a flood of information hitting Nigerians ahead of the elections, it can be difficult to know which sources to trust. We look at the role of disinformation and find out how to sift through the myths.



DW The 77 Percent | Beitrag Zimdancehall
Image: Stefan Möhl & Rentia Bartlett/DW

Zimdancehall: The urban sound of Zimbabwe's youth

The urban soundtrack blaring from Harare's street corners is evidence enough: Zimbabwe-made dancehall music is taking over southern Africa with its funky beats and topical lyrics. We meet the people who are nurturing the next generation of dancehall artists.



77_Young African skater
Image: Duncan Moore/DW

The rise of roller skates in Nairobi

The streets of Nairobi aren't exactly the safest place for inline skaters to show off their skills. But the sport is rapidly growing in popularity, bringing all genders and communities together. In lieu of proper facilities, young skaters have found their own skating oasis.



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