NFL′s Dallas Cowboys top Forbes list of most valuable teams | Sports | German football and major international sports news | DW | 13.07.2016

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NFL's Dallas Cowboys top Forbes list of most valuable teams

The Dallas Cowboys have overtaken Real Madrid as the world’s most valuable sports side. It is the first time a non-soccer team has risen to the top spot since Forbes Magazine created its famous ranking in 2011.

The value of the National Football League’s Cowboys surged 25 percent to 4 billion dollars (3.6 billion euros) compared with the previous year, according to the Forbes survey.

Second-placed Real Madrid, who won a record-extending 11thEuropean crown last season, are worth 3.65 billion dollars, 12 percent more than in 2015, with La Liga rivals Barcelona close behind in third on 3.55 billion, the survey showed.

Blockbuster contracts

The NFL had 27 franchises listed in the top 50, while European soccer and the National Basketball Association each had eight teams and Major League Baseball seven.

“Blockbuster TV contracts are fuelling unprecedented increases in sports team values around the globe as the average value of a top 50 franchise has doubled over the past four years,” Forbes senior editor Kurt Badenhausen said.

“The NFL is still king on TV with contracts worth nearly 7 billion dollars annually from its media partners,” he added.

The 10 most valuable teams (in billions of dollars)

1. Dallas Cowboys – 4.0

2. Real Madrid – 3.65

3. Barcelona – 3.55

4. New York Yankees – 3.4

5. Manchester United – 3.32

6. New England Patriots – 3.2

7. New York Knicks – 3.0

8. Washington Redskins – 2.85

9. New York Giants – 2.8

10=. Los Angeles Lakers – 2.7

10=. San Francisco 49ers – 2.7