National Youth Orchestra, part two   | Music | DW | 18.09.2019
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National Youth Orchestra, part two  

More from the National Youth Orchestra of Germany's 50th anniversary tour this hour: Richard Strauss' "Alpine Symphony," a musical description of a mountain climbing expedition.  

Listen to audio 54:59

Concert Hour: National Youth Orchestra, part two

In his Alpine Symphony, Richard Strauss translated the extremes of nature into music: Waterfalls, fog, a storm and sunset are clearly palpable.

At the National Youth Orchestra of Germany's 50th anniversary concert, the piece served as a metaphor for the aspirations of young musicians: They too are eager to conquer new worlds and climb to the summit. 

In an interview with DW, guest conductor Ingo Metzmacher explained that working with these young musicians fills him with confidence. 

"I'm not at all afraid that we will not have good musicians in the future when I listen to these young people," said Metzmacher. "I hope they share a wonderful experience. To be aware about music and the values and the richness of music is incredibly important, especially nowadays. It changes your thinking, even your way of life. You end up with a different approach to everything, not just music."

Orchestra in the Cologne Philharmonie (Bundesjugendorchester/Scharberth)

Rehearsing in the Cologne Philharmonie

Richard Strauss 
An Alpine Symphony, op. 64          

Helmut Lachenmann
Marche fatal 

performed by:
National Youth Orchestra of Germany
Ingo Metzmacher, conductor
Recorded by West German Radio, Cologne (WDR) in the Cologne Philharmonie on April 26, 2019

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