Nancy Reagan: A life in pictures | News | DW | 06.03.2016
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Nancy Reagan: A life in pictures

Nancy Reagan, the beloved wife of the late President Ronald Reagan, was known for her stylish approach to life and politics. From Hollywood actress to first lady of the US, Nancy's life was one of elegance and power.

Although Nancy Reagan passed away on Sunday, her ravishing legacy as an adored American actress and influential companion of President Ronald Reagan continues to stir the realms of politics and fashion the world over.

Nancy, born in New York City as Anne Frances Robbins, married then-prominent actor Ronald Reagan in 1952.

She fiercely supported her husband's political career, from his tenure as the governor of California to the White House.

However, it was during her time in Washington that she came to be known as one of America's most influential women and first ladies, alongside such figures as Franklin Roosevelt's wife, Eleanor.

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