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Microplastic Free Fashion

November 26, 2021

Synthetic fibres often contain microplastics that wash out into waste water and finally the oceans. How can they be made more sustainable? Researchers at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences are investigating how.

Deutschland Initiative fordert Steuererleichterungen für Spende unverkaufter Textilware
Image: Leopold Nekula/VIE7143/picture alliance


Other topics on Tomorrow Today:


Wald Natur l Pilz, Goldfell-Schüppling
Image: McPhoto-Schulz/Bildagenture-online/picture alliance /

Fascinating Fungi
Mostly unseen, fungi are essential to life on Earth and highly talented. They can clean oil and radioactive pollutants from the ground. And be transformed into construction materials. 


Symbolbild Artenschutz
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Pleul

Just Ask! 
This week's viewer question comes from Mohamed Ehab Ragab in Egypt, who wants to know how climate change is affecting animals.



Schweiz Rhonegletscher
Image: Imago Images/S. Spiegl

Glacier Lake Threats
Some melting glaciers form lakes - sometimes in valleys between steep mountains. Falling rocks can form dams behind which water builds up to bursting point - threatening entire regions.



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