Michelle Obama pushes girls′ education program in UK visit | News | DW | 16.06.2015
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Michelle Obama pushes girls' education program in UK visit

US First Lady Michelle Obama has visited a girls' school in the UK at the start of a trip to Europe. In London, Obama focused on a program called Let Girls Learn, which aims to improve access to education for girls.

Michelle Obama paid a visit to an all-girls school in London on Tuesday as part of a trip pushing some of the key policies of her office.

In London, Obama focused on a recently-launched US initiative called Let Girls Learn, which seeks to promote adolescent girls' education around the world and to remove barriers that keep girls out of school.

Speaking to pupils at the Mulberry School for Girls, Obama said she knew "what's inside of girls like you and like me. I know… how much of a difference we can make for those around us."

Obama's visit coincided with an announcement by the US and Britain to devote about $200 million (178 million euros) toward programs educating adolescent girls in developing countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a particular benefactor of the partnership, receiving $180 million over five years.

In an opinion piece in the Financial Times, Obama wrote that over 750,000 girls would benefit as a result in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Obama was joined in a Q and A session with pupils by Julia Gillard, Australia's former Prime Minister.

Later in the day, the First Lady was expected to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, and Prince Harry.

After the UK, Obama is scheduled to fly to Milan to represent the US at Expo Milan, before concluding her trip to Europe with a visit to American troops stationed at a base in Vicenza, Italy.

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