Merkel 4.0: Still the ′Power Frau′? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 08.03.2018
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Merkel 4.0: Still the 'Power Frau'?

After months of uncertainty, Germany has a new coalition government that will give Chancellor Merkel a fourth term in office. But is the women sometimes called the ‘leader of the free world’ a waning force? On International Women’s Day we discuss that question and others with Pascale Hugues (author and journalist), Nina Haase (DW political correspondent) and Maissun Melhem (DW Arabic desk).

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Our guests:

Pascale Hugues  is an author and journalist for the French magazine “Le Point”. She says: “A disastrous result in September’s election followed by months of quarelling and deadlock. It’s a weakened Angela Merkel that will be sworn in next Wednesday.”



Nina Haase  is a political correspondent here at DW. She argues that “Angela Merkel has to take the hand that Emmanuel Macron has stretched out. They only have a narrow window to keep the EU together.” 




Maissun Melhem - is with our DW Arab language desk. Syrian-born Maissun says: “While her social democrat coalition partners struggle to revive their fortunes, the chancellor can work calmly on her legacy. Angela Merkel is far from wounded.”