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Meet the Germans: Young Germans and sexuality

April 8, 2024

Sex, sex education and sexuality are taboo in many places, but not as much in Germany. So, what's up with young Germans and their sex life? Find out in this episode of Meet the Germans.


Beyond the stereotypes, how do young Germans talk about sex? In this episode of Meet the Germans, Shabnam explores the question.   

In Germany, school kids are introduced to sex education at the tender age of 9, which can shock foreigners. But now that Shabnam has lived in Germany for quite some time, the Germans' openness about sexuality doesn't surprise her. 

What rather surprised her was that even though teenagers are well-informed about sex, many of them tend to wait longer for their first sexual experiences than young Germans 10 years ago.  

In the Meet the Germans video series, Shabnam looks at all things German, but from her perspective. You'll see her trying out typical German activities, providing insider tips about life in Germany and helping other newcomers like her understand Germans a little bit better. 

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