Meet Michel Friedman | Conflict Zone - Confronting the Powerful | DW | 11.04.2016
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Conflict Zone

Meet Michel Friedman

Michel Friedman is a lawyer, university lecturer and journalist with over 25 years of experience. He is a host of DW's top political interview Conflict Zone.

Michel Friedman was born into a Polish-Jewish family in Paris in 1956. Many members of his family were killed during the Holocaust. His parents, though, were on Oskar Schindler's famous list and survived. Michel Friedman grew up speaking French, Polish and Yiddish before studying German in high school.

The Friedman family moved to Frankfurt in 1965. After qualifying as a lawyer in 1988, Friedman became a partner in an international law firm specializing in financial and media law. He is today a professor for real estate and media law.

Michel Friedman's career in TV began over 25 years ago with a talk show called "Caution! Friedman". In 2001 he received the prestigious German Television Prize for his "Friedman" show. Since 2004 Michel Friedman has been presenting “Studio Friedman” on Germany’s N-24 channel. He has also built a formidable reputation as a commentator on current affairs.

Michel Friedman is a fearless and uncompromising interviewer whose recent guests include include Ban Ki-moon, Manfred Weber and Elmar Brok.

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