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DW Volos 2022 | Mathis Richtmann
Image: Philipp Böll/DW

Mathis Richtmann

Reporter and editor with a special interest in money and mining.

As one of DW's team of business reporters, Mathis likes to take a look at where the abstract meets the real.

Mathis joined DW as a trainee, transitioning from his previous academic work on international financial markets to multimedia journalism. His interests include the energy transition, commodities and the complex web of power in financial markets. Mathis has reported on the economic impact of the historic Rhine drought, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and from southern Louisiana on the insurance crisis facing homeowners due to climate change.

While he can converse in English and German, his Arabic and Farsi are limited to using both hands and facial expressions to make his point. Mathis is based in Berlin. 

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