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Brawl at Hamburg migrant center

October 7, 2015

A brawl has taken place between Afghan and Albanian migrants at an intake center for migrants in Hamburg. Authorities estimate that up to 60 people took part in the fighting.

Hamburg, Wilhelmsburg
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/C. Charisius

Police are investigating why up to 60 people took part in a brawl between Afghans and Albanians interned at a migrant center in Hamburg on Tuesday. As night fell, one tent at the camp was on fire, though it remained unclear whether that had to do with the fighting.

Five people were injured, with one going to the hospital with a gash in his arm. It remained unclear if he had been stabbed, but police - who sent 30 cars to put down the fighting - reported finding no weapons at the scene. Three people were arrested.

Fights have also broken out recently at overfilled migrant internment centers in Calden, Leipzig and elsewhere in Hamburg. One man is reported to have killed himself at a center on Monday.

Migrants arriving in Germany in recent months have been confronted by massive anti-foreigner marches as well as increasing casual racism.

mkg/jr (dpa, ndr)