Mallorca: The Germans are coming! | Reporter - On Location | DW | 20.06.2020
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Mallorca: The Germans are coming!

It’s just a pilot project, but it has ramifications. The first tourists since the easing of the coronavirus lockdown are arriving in Mallorca. Only a few hotels are allowed to take part in this test run. Not all residents are thrilled by the idea.

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Thomas and Antonia Tobor have been looking forward to a chance to unwind from their stressful lives. Especially Antonia: As a nurse caring for coronavirus patients, she’s been on the front line of the pandemic. But how relaxing can a vacation really be when there are so many regulations about meticulous hygiene and social distancing to keep in mind? The hotel staff is relieved that the long dearth of customers is finally coming to an end. Many people who depend on the tourism sector are struggling to survive. Yet some Mallorca residents are not pleased. Things are moving too quickly, they say. They don’t want to be treated as guinea pigs and fear that the tourists will not only bring money to the island, but also the dreaded coronavirus. A report by Jan-Philipp Scholz and Johannes Meier.