Magical cinema history: remembering The Beatles in movies | Film | DW | 23.06.2016
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Magical cinema history: remembering The Beatles in movies

Known not only for their groundbreaking musical genius, The Beatles also enjoyed appearing on film. Even decades after their breakup, their music continues to inspire moviemakers: Over 200 films have been made to date.

A book released in Germany this year features film stills from the more than 200 movies made about or inspired by The Beatles to date.

"I saw a film today, oh boy!" by Jörg Helbig is touted by its publisher Schüren Verlag as the encyclopedia of Beatles movies.

Of course, the most meaningful of the films featured are those made before the band's breakup and starring The Beatles themselves: "A Hard Day's Night," "Help!," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Yellow Submarine," and "Let it Be."

Readers can also discover the lesser-known films that were inspired by the Fab Four or in some way have an affiliation with the band from Liverpool that changed the music world. That includes movies for which band members served as producers (George Harrison started the HandMade production company) or created the soundtrack for (as Paul McCartney had done, winning two Oscars for best music).

Via the silver screen, The Beatles can remain in the hearts of their fans long after they've gone.

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