Luther′s house in Eisenach reopens after renovation | DW Travel | DW | 25.09.2015
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Luther's house in Eisenach reopens after renovation

After two years of reconstruction, the Lutherhaus in Eisenach where Martin Luther lived as a child reopens to the public with a new permanent exhibition, "Luther and the Bible."

"No city knows me better," Martin Luther said about Eise­nach in Thuringia. His family lived there. Luther went to school there from 1498 to 1501. And later, he trans­lated the New Testa­ment in the castle Wartburg which overlooks the city.

The half-timbered 14th century house where Luther is believed to have lived as a school­boy is reopening to the public with a new permanent exhibition. Visitors can learn more about the reformer's historic trans­lation of the Bible and dis­cover unique treasures of medieval art, works by Cranach and the records of Johann Sebastian Bach's baptism. Extensions were added to the building, providing more room for guided tours. The access is mainly barrier-free.

The museum was renovated ahead of the upcoming anni­versary of the Re­formation in 2017, where up to 100,000 visitors are expected - twice as many as now.

ej / eg (epd, kna,dpa)