Look inside our toolbox for verification and analysis tips | Follow the Hashtag | DW | 21.06.2015
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Follow the Hashtag

Look inside our toolbox for verification and analysis tips

The team @dwnews is always on the look out for trends on the social web. If it’s a big talking point on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, we don’t want to miss it. Here’s how we discover, verify and report our stories.

1. Always on the lookout: We monitor and find online trends from our Facebook feeds, news aggregators like Newswhip and Twitter trends. We also rely on tips from users like you. So, whenever you find a story you think we should know about contact us via @dwnews on Twitter.

2. Have we seen this before? Before anything goes out on our blog, we verify it. We analyze user accounts with Followerwonk behind the content and we check if pictures and videos are original and authentic, using websites like Tineye or Foto Forensics.

3. Wait a minute, is this for real? Our next step is to make sure the location and date/time a picture is said to have been taken is accurate. When it comes to pinpointing the place, we may use Google Maps. For further analysis we may also check what the weather was like on that day using websites like Wolfram Alpha.

4. Show us the buzz! To show you the relevance of a topic we try to make the buzz visible. With the social analytics tool Topsy we can measure how big a story is when compared to other recent trends. Trendsmap, another analytics tool helps us create animated heat maps to see where certain topics pop up and how they spread over a period of time.

5. Sharing is caring: We tell you the story in our live blogs and deliver it to where you are: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

6. Feedback is key: We want to hear your view. This helps us expand and add extra information to our stories. Your feedback could help direct a story or give us a different perspective. We'll regularly launch a Call to Action, for you to send us your photos, videos or comments. DW also has a new upload feature on its Breaking World News Appso you can stream videos from wherever you are.

What tools do you use when it comes to doublechecking stories you come across on the net? We’d like to hear from you via @dwnews on Twitter.

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